Flourish is an educational application designed to encourage the development of creative and critical thinking skills for pre-school children between 2–4 years of age. Harnessing the potential of current technologies this app encourages learning through play within a set of four game styles. The content […]

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CV Chocolate Bar

As a self promotional idea, I looked at the idea of wrapping my CV around a chocolate bar. This was the final outcome. I thought this idea was fun and reflected my personality and passion for chocolate!

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The Aspirer

As a freelance project, I worked on creating the identity and building the framework for The Aspirer. The Aspirer, a platform for aspiring journalists, is a website that allows writers to share their views on current sporting events. I was commissioned by the websites owner […]

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Textured Animals

As part of my final major project I created a series of animals, fruit and vegtables. This was done as part of a experiment into the cognitive ability’s of a child, in terms of distinguishing shapes and texture.

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Helpful Hands

     Helpful Hands aims to connect those who find travelling a difficult and trivial task in London. The scheme allows those with disabilities, children and the elderly to embrace London without hindrance by giving support where it is needed. It aims to make travelling on […]

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KSAD Identity and Portfolio

          I was commissioned to produce an identity idea for a clients self-promotion. After various meetings we concluded that the K logo was the best choice as the clients middle name also began with a K and the negative space in […]

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Rugby Periodic Table

  I played with the idea of a how a team is structured and looked at a way of creating an infographic to represent that. Playing on an established visual system (the periodic table) I adapted it and created sections that represent various areas.   […]

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120 Hours

120 HOURS is the world’s largest and most prestigious student-driven architecture competition, created for and by architecture students. I was commissioned to organise and present the information for submission. I do not own, nor have I produced the content within this layout. ©Alec Parcell and […]

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I’m currently working on my final hand in of this academic year which is a book documenting things that I have done over my professional practice module. This is one of the ideas I have had for a possible front cover. I would love to […]