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The aim of my app is bring back the idea of community and allows people to share real time information, events or anything amazing that their area has done for everyone and fellow locals to find out.

There are various elements to the app and there are several which create its wire frame, these are –

+The maps – There are 4 maps. One of Britain, Scotland, Wales and England. Each map is then further divided into areas for the user to select.

+Bystander logo – You’ll notice in the top corner of each page the logo is present this is the menu for the entire app. When clicked on the menu drops down on the left hand side and gives you the following options – homepage, favorites, maps, topics, search and account.

+Each user has there own account which offers them the ability to have all there preferences remembered. For example at the bottom of each page you’ll see hearts. The hearts are the favorites panel. For ease of use the user can just click on the hearts and each heart is a link to one of their favorite topics for there region (The region they’ve set as a preference via their account).

+After doing extensive research on current news applications and consumer feedback 11 categories were formed. These categories cover a multitude of bases and every story, event and piece of information has a place.

+ There is also a search function which pops down from the Bystander logo. This enables users to search through posts. When a post is published a user will add tags/ keywords which will be used to order and find a article that a user searches for.

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