Helpful Hands

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Helpful Hands Poster series 5 Helpful Hands Poster seriesHelpful Hands Poster series 3Helpful Hands Poster series 2Helpful Hands Poster series 4    Helpful hands tube train

Helpful Hands aims to connect those who find travelling a difficult and trivial task in London. The scheme allows those with disabilities, children and the elderly to embrace London without hindrance by giving support where it is needed. It aims to make travelling on the tube and rail system easy and convenient with the use of technology that is widely available.

The concept works on the idea of a contactless bracelet that has the ability to follow you in real time as you make your journey around London. It uses current and already established technology and apart from being a tracking device, it can notify station staff of the pertinent details and the location of those in need. This will prompt a fast and efficient response, carried out by well trained and friendly staff in what is a complicated and busy environment, even at non-peak times.

This project was a proposal for the RSA Student Awards 2014/2015. The following links are the boards sent to the RSA for judgement – RSA – Gemma Sutton – Helpful Hands- Board 1 RSA – Gemma Sutton – Helpful Hands- Board 2 RSA – Gemma Sutton – Helpful Hands- Board 3 RSA – Gemma Sutton – Helpful Hands- Board 4

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